Mizkif says he turned down $10 million gambling sponsorship

Mizkif admits initial intrigue in the deal.

Popular Twitch streamer Mizkif revealed that he rejected a $10 million contract with an online gambling company. Despite being initially tempting, Mizkif explained why he eventually choose to deny the offer.

In a video titled ‘The Puppets of Online Gambling‘ by YouTuber Philion, Mizkif revealed he was offered $35,000 an hour to promote an online gambling site. After viewing his clip on the video, Mizkif expanded upon both the context surrounding the offer and his final decision.

The rising Twitch star admitted that he was initially tempted by the contract.

“You have to understand that I am a human and that I am also 27 years old. To see these numbers, I’ll be blunt with you. Did I think about and consider doing it? Yes, I did,” Mizkif said.

Mizkif explained he turned down this ‘ungodly’ amount of money due to some of the stipulations in the contract. Though it would only require 15 hours a month for $10 million a year, the website required he moved to Canada. If Mizkif took this deal, he would also have had to surrender his stake in OTK, the esports and online entertainment company that Mizkif and other streamers founded in 2020.

The morality of influencer-endorsed gambling has been the subject of intense discourse across Twitch, especially as companies such as Roobet and Stake acquire more streamers. Mizkif made his stance on the matter clear, though.

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