Mizkif considering canceling $50,000 quiz show Schooled following another cheating controversy

Class may be out of session for good.

The OTK-run quiz game show, dubbed Schooled, may have had its last episode after popular streamer and host Mizkif said he’s “done” with the series. Mizkif’s statement came only moments after the show’s grand finale was hit with yet another cheating scandal.

Schooled has consistently struggled with cheating issues throughout the series’ entire run. Multiple players and even eventual winners have admitted to cheating in some capacity. Mizkif has been exceedingly transparent regarding this issue, leading to many viewers being hyper-vigilant of any potential signs of cheating.

The show may have seen its final cheating controversy following the season two finale, where winners from the previous eight weeks competed for a $50,000 prize. Though Super Smash Bros. caster and streamer EEvisu was crowned the season’s initial winner, his win was heavily doubted as countless fans speculated that he cheated. Shortly after the competition ended, EEvisu admitted that he cheated on Twitter.

OTK overturned the final’s winner, awarding the $50,000 to initial runner-up Extra Emily. But Mizkif was clearly still distraught over the situation that unfolded on his show. Though the Schooled host supported EEvisu’s win at the end of the show, declaring that he won fairly, the streamer quickly recoiled after the mention of potential cheating.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/Mizkif

In several messages following the stream, Mizkif wrote “I’m done with this show” and “sad because I really want to make good shows but I just can’t do this anymore.” Seemingly beaten down by countless cheating incidents, the most heinous of which occurred in the show’s finale, the future of Schooled is certainly in jeopardy.

Whether the show will see a season three has yet to be officially confirmed by either Mizkif or OTK. For now, it appears the Mizkif has serious doubts about continuing the series.

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