Mithy reportedly set to return to former League team as head coach

It's no surprise.

The official free agency window opened on Nov. 21. But the roster moves rumors have been circling the League of Legends community from the moment Worlds 2022 came to a close. According to the latest report, Alfonso Mithy Aguirre Rodríguez will return to Cloud9 as a head coach in time for next year.

According to a report from’s Alejandro Gomis last night, Mithy has reached a verbal agreement with C9 to be the team’s head coach for the upcoming season. Mithy first joined the team in 2020 as a strategic coach and later in the season as a head coach after replacing Kim Reignover Yeu-jin. During the Mithy era, the team was somewhat successful and even managed to get out of the groups at Worlds 2021. Still, it wasnt enough, with the team being used to constantly ending their season in the top three. 

Mithy began his professional career as a support player for Giants Gaming in 2012. After staying for only a month with the team, Mithy moved around and experimented with his choice of team until he finally found his home with Origen, today known as Astralis. He also tried his luck with G2 and TSM, but with little to no success coming out of it. 

After yet another disappointing run with Origen in 2018, Mithy began his career as a coach with Fnatic. Because of internal issues, Mithy and the team struggled to find their identity resulting in Mithy leaving for NA as a coach. There, he coached C9 and 100 Thieves. After spending almost a year with 100T, Mithy is remaining in NA and will help C9 once again aim for new heights.

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