Misfits move one step closer to LEC playoff spot after defeating Astralis

Give Misfits an inch and they take a mile.

Misfits won their third game in a row today, solidifying their position in the standings in preparation for the final week of the 2022 LEC Summer Split regular season. They beat Astralis, who are Misfits nearest competitor for a spot in this splits playoffs, with a carefully crafted performance that showcased the players teamwork. 

The teams had to play from their gaming houses due to multiple positive COVID-19 cases among the Astralis players. Despite this, they were looking good and seemingly had a clear strategy in mind after the draft. Astralis opted for an aggressive bot lane composed of the bloodthirsty combo of Draven and Pyke, while Misfits chose a scaling composition all over the map.

While League fans were waiting for first blood in the bot lane, Misfits surprised them with an early gank in the top lane that secured the initial kill for them. And from that point on, Misfits never stopped being greedy, collecting every small advantage they could get their hands on and always wanting more. From the first Herald of the game to the first tower, Misfits were on a roll and Astralis couldnt find a way to stop them.

Astralis engaged in combat on every occasion they could, trying to get back in the game by closing the gold gap with Misfits. But every teamfight went against them when Misfits overpowered them with perfect team coordination and great positioning. While trying to take back control of their lanes, Astralis spotted Misfits heading for the Baron pit. But their opponents created an impenetrable area around the neutral objective, leading Astralis to yield the team buff to them. 

With a perfect setting toward the end of the game, Misfits sieged Astralis base, taking down the top and mid inhibitors within a short time frame. Astralis put up one last stand against their opponents, but their decision to split up and try to get Misfits from behind backfired. Seeing their opponents divided, it was easy for Misfits to conquer the enemy base and win the game. 

Astralis began the match with a clear intention and strategy to win, which revolved around giving as many resources as possible to their bot lane. But they never evolved and increased the duos presence around the map. With this win, Misfits (8-6) secured an additional victory toward the playoffs. But to cement their position even more, they will have to beat G2 Esports in their matchup tomorrow. 

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