Mii Gunner just appeared in a major Smash Tournament and proved tier lists don’t matter

What tier list?

Throw away the tier lists. Mii Gunner just showed up big time in Low Tide City, a Smash Ultimate tournament, and you can’t do anything about it.

This weeks Low Tide City, which concluded on May 14, featured names like Maister, Skyjay, and ApolloKageall top players who have claimed wins and have made names for themselves due to their lethality in the bracket. But the players that would ultimately meet in the grand finals were Capitancito’s Mii Gunner and MuteAce’s Peach.

MuteAces character Peach is considered a high-tier or even a top-tier character depending on who youd ask. MuteAce would eventually claim victory over Capitancito, but the most puzzling thing about the grand final is the character Capitancito brought to the table: Mii Gunner.

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Ult Rank quizzed 35 of the top 50 Smash Ultimate players in an attempt to produce a character tier list that most of the pro scene would agree with. While tier lists are subjective, theres one thing thats in consensus. The Miis, outside of the Mii Brawler, suck. Most people if, you ask them, would even say that the character is a joke and place them in the lowest of tiers.

But it wouldn’t sway Capitancito who proved the tier list wrong beating top players such as Skyjay, Maister, and ApolloKage on his way to the grand finals.

Characters that are considered a low tier have had great performances lately. Skyjay, another top player, is also piloting a widely considered low-tier character in Incineroar. However, he was able to prove the people wrong by being consistent and even appearing in the grand finals of a major tournament against Riddles Kazuya.

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