Midas touch: One Modern Warfare 2 player has already unlocked Gold camo on every gun

And it only took him 115 hours to complete.

Twitch streamer Reidboy has already unlocked the Gold camo on all 51 weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

It took the Call of Duty streamer over 115 hours to complete the challenge, having to unlock the Gold camo on all the weapons available at launch and the weapons themselves. MW2 was released on Oct. 28, and since then, Reidboy has been streaming non-stop until he unlocked Gold on all the guns. After completing this task, Reidboy announced that he’ll be continuing his 24/7 stream until he unlocks the Orion camo.

Other streamers attempted to race Reidboy for all 51 Gold weapons but they were all left in the dust when he completed the last weapon on Oct. 31, ending the launch weekend for MW2 on a high note. To validate his achievement, Reidboy took a screengrab of his stream with every weapon and a timestamp of when he completed it so fans could go back and see his progress over the streaming marathon.

Infinity Ward redid the entire camo unlock system ahead of MW2. This gave players a new way to show off mastery and unlock variations of other camos. It has been debated whether or not the new mastery system is too easy to complete, but with over 115 hours already into the game, Reidboy is showcasing that it is still no easy task.

After achieving all 51 Gold guns, the next stop will be unlocking the Platinum edition for those weapons, which has already been achieved through unlocking all the weapon’s Gold camos. The final step will be unlocking Orion, which will require Reidboy to hit every challenge on every gun to complete.

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