Microsoft president on new Nintendo and NVIDIA deals: ‘We are bringing Call of Duty to 150 million more people’

Microsoft is looking to bring CoD to Nintendo and NVIDIA platforms.

In its latest efforts to generate positive momentum for its proposed $68.7 billion acquisition of gaming giant Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has signed two new deals that will significantly increase platform accessibility to Call of Duty titles.

While the deal between the two gaming giants has been agreed upon for just over a year, it has been under scrutiny from regulators since. In particular, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority, and the European Commission remain opposed to the deal.

And today, Microsofts vice chair and president Brad Smith spoke at a press briefing in Brussels, where the company is looking to convince the European Commission to approve its deal with Activision Blizzard.

Smith said that Microsoft will be bringing Call of Duty to 150 million more people who don’t get it today through its newly announced 10-year partnerships with both Nintendo and NVIDIA, according to a report from

The number one concern that people have expressed about this acquisition is that Call of Duty will be less available to people,” Smith said, according to “What we have proved is the opposite will be true. And if this deal is approved, the game will be available to 150 million more players around the world.

In announcements for both of the partnerships, Smith and Xbox boss Phil Spencer emphasized Microsofts commitment to bringing Xbox games to more platforms the same day as Xbox, with full feature and content paritysomething it promises to also do with Activision Blizzard titles like Call of Duty if the acquisition goes through.

More specifically, the agreements would bring Xbox titles, including CoD, to Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as allow players to stream Xbox PC titles from GeForce NOW to PCs, macOS, Chromebooks, smartphones, and other devices.

Smith reportedly also mentioned that Microsoft has yet to come to terms on a partnership deal with Sony, but he keeps an envelope in his pocket with the deal on paper for its rival to sign.

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