Methodz joins OpTic to pair up with Scump for CDL watch parties, content creation

Two recent retirees unite on the OpTic couch.

OpTic Gaming is collecting retired Call of Duty pros like Pokémon, and the latest is the game’s most recent retiree and one of its funniest personalities.

Less than two weeks after his surprise retirement announcement at Major Two, Methodz revealed today that he’s joining OpTic as a content creator. He’s already relocated to Texas and made the announcement on stream today with none other than Scump.

Methodz and Scump will both be streaming their watch party for tomorrow’s CDL Major Three kick-off matches on both of their channels, giving CoD fans yet another OpTic personality to tune in with and root for.

This marks a return to OpTic for Methodz, who previously played for the team for a few months back in 2018 during the Call of Duty: World War II season. Methodz seemingly played for just about every team throughout his 10-year career.

Methodz and OpTic fans will be hoping his tenure as a content creator will go better than how OpTic fared in that year of CoD. At WWII’s Call of Duty Championship event, OpTic struggled mightily to a top-24 finish.

The addition of Methodz only strengthens OpTic’s massive content creation roster, which already includes several former pros, Warzone streamers, and even chess stars Alexandra and Andrea Botez.

Methodz and Scump will both be live for tomorrow’s watch party when the CDL matches begin at 2pm CT with Los Angeles Thieves vs. Vegas Legion.

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