Meteos hits back at LoL chat warning: ‘I get griefed every game’

The chat police are out in force.

Its no secret League of Legends and toxicity go hand in hand. To fight off the ever-growing toxicity in the game, Riot Games become more rigorous with chat restrictions at the beginning of preseason 13. During his recent stream, William Meteos Hartman, a pro player best known for jungling for Cloud9 for four years, got chat restriction for what seems like unjustified reasons.

After losing a game during his recent stream, Meteos was welcomed back to League client with a chat restriction. The only reason why the jungler got this warning is that he typed Im so horny, into the public chat during the game. This resulted in some players reporting him and the chat restriction system immediately reacted with a warning.

Initially, this former C9 jungler was baffled about getting a warning for such a trivial reason. I get griefed every game and this gets me a warning, responded Meteos.

Seeing the reason why Meteos received chat restriction, the League community gathered on Reddit and concluded that this seasons chat restriction is a joke. The community agrees that chat restrictions have been unnecessarily rigorous this season as players were allowed to int as much as they wanted as long as they didnt type anything in the chat. League 2023. Run it down as much as you want, just don’t type, one player remarked.

Others shared stories in which they got bans for similar, yet unclear reasons. For example, one player asked his top laner to only stop inting as they would eventually win the game. This ended in a warning too.

So, to say the least, the chat restriction system still needs to be worked on and fixed to properly punish the players.

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