Mercy player finds perfect King’s Row hideout to heal their Overwatch team untouched

"Now this is ethical healing."

Mercy is the most recognizable healer from Overwatch, and she’s been strong in the meta practically since she was released.

Today, another player showed how crucial the medic can be, particularly when using her Valkyrie ultimate.

In a King’s Row game in Overwatch 2, a player singlehandedly saved their team a precious minute by finding the perfect hideout to top them off without being targeted by enemies.

The outcome of the round looked dire as the payload was a few meters from the spawn. For some reason, all the healer’s teammates pushed the defense and left the Mercy alone against the whole enemy team.

Rather than dashing on their allies to be protected, the Mercy player took the risky decision of hiding under the map and using their Angelic Descent to glide down.

The Mercy was slowly falling to her doom, but she found allies to dash back up several times and heal them while remaining in total safety.

Her timing was perfect: she topped the Reaper off, avoided Genji’s ultimate, and saved Orisa from certain death. She even tricked Widowmaker into chasing her, and she hilariously fell off the edge.

Mercy’s move saved the fight in the flashiest fashion. It’s not recommended to try this out for yourself, however. There is a cemetery full of Mercy players who tried this move laying down on the ground in this area.

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