Meme it back turbo: w33 to team up with Gorgc for 2023 Dota Pro Circuit

One top team and a meme season. That's the w33 cycle of life.

Aliwi “w33” Omar has had one of the most hectic Dota 2 careers of all time. Hes a two-time TI runner-up and a Major winner, and hes now teaming up with popular streamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit.

As Team Bald bid farewell to Steve “Xcalibur” Ye, the team welcomed w33 today as its new mid laner, who will be looking to bounce back after a rather unsuccessful stint with Alliance.

According to Gorgc, Team Bald was considering disbanding since he wasn’t sure he would have enough time to fulfill his division two duties. That all changed after hearing n0tail is returning with a new OG roster, however. Gorgcs competitive flames burned brighter in the hopes of defeating the two-time TI champions in the second division.

With Xcalibur leaving Team Bald, Gorgc had two days to find a mid laner, and he described his offer to w33 as a shot in the dark. In a surprising turn of events, the Romanian has decided to accompany the Team Bald roster in the first DPC tour since he also liked the idea of going against Topson one more time to try to avenge the TI9 finals.

The complete Team Bald roster for the 2023 DPC season features Gorgc (position one), w33 (position two), Ovidijus ZipZaper Vaicikauskas (position three), Axel “Pablo” Källman (position four), and Jonathan “Bengan” Hansson (position five).

Unlike the other rosters in the Western European DPC, Team Balds main goal is to have one and create content while competing. The team generally aims to have the best time possible while also creating a platform for players to develop and shape their careers. Arkosh recognized Xcaliburs efforts within the team and the same can happen to any member, making Bald an ever-changing team.

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