Mei returns to Overwatch 2 with fixed Ice Wall in season one patch

Return of the queen.

The midseason patch for season one of Overwatch 2 is here after a two-day delay, marking the official return of the ice-cold DPS hero Mei to the lineup alongside numerous already-announced balance changes.

Mei has been re-added with a fix to her Ice Wall ability after there were reported issues that “allowed players and projectiles to occasionally pass through it or slip off it.” But the primary reason Mei was removed as a whole was due to a much more game-breaking bug.

Mei was originally disabled at the very end of October due to a discovered bug that allowed heroes to use her Ice Wall to reach unintended locations, giving other DPS heroes and allies access to angles that should not have been allowed. She was originally set to return on Nov. 15 before the entire midseason patch was moved back to Nov. 17.

Mei is only one of a handful of heroes in Overwatch 2 that have had to be taken out of the roster temporarily to fix bug issues. Bastion was removed for a short time due to a bug that allowed players to fire more than three times with his ultimate. Torbjörn was taken off competitive play, but for an undisclosed reason attributed to bugs.

A handful of DPS heroes received balance updates in this patch, but Mei was not one of them. Genji received damage and max ammo nerfs to his Shurikens, Junkrats Steel Trap has been nerfed, and Sombras Hack ability has also been nerfed. Kiriko, Zarya, and D.Va also received nerfs in this patch; the only buff was the reduced cost of D.Vas Call Mech ultimate.

The mid-season patch for season one of Overwatch 2 is now live. Apart from the bug fixes and balance changes, the patch also tuned competitive ranks, while adding audio transcription for reporting disruptive players in select countries, as well as aim assist for console players in non-Competitive crossplay lobbies.

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