‘Me and Gabe are tight’: How 2GD finally made his Dota 2 return at The International 2022

There isn't a single wound Valve Time can't heal.

The International 2022 may have started on the wrong foot with low production quality during the first days of the event catching  the attention of fans and celebrities alike, but things started to come together with James “2GD” Hardings unexpected return and some special giveaways.

Being responsible for some of the most iconic on-stage moments in Dota 2 history, 2GD’s absence from the scene has been noticeable, and it was believed he would never return due to how Valve parted ways with the talent.

2GD was let go after the first day of the Shanghai Major in 2016, and Gabe Newell publicly called the Brit an ass, stating Valve wouldn’t work with him again.

Despite the public detachment, Valve Time struck again and 2GD returned to treat Dota 2 fans with his unique humor and persona.

Considering he had been away from the stage since 2016, developing Diabotical in the meantime, James was understandably nervous. TI11 will resume for its final stage on Saturday, and 2GD recently answered a few questions from the fans regarding his comeback.

Before sharing a story about how life has been as a Dota 2 outcast in Sweden, James described his return to TI as a fun experience.

I met a lot of Dota people in Sweden, 2GD said. Theyd come up to me and say how they were so sad about what happened, but I dont want people I meet to feel sorry for me.

2GDs first impressions wont be plagued by his unfortunate exit out of the Shanghai Major in 2016 as hes now tight with Gabe Newell and the community welcomed him with open arms.

While 2GDs return may have come as a shock to fans who’ve been away from the competitive scene it was almost signaled as he appeared at the Stockholm Major during its after party.

During the small section at the Major, 2GD mentioned how glad he was to be there to hangout with his Dota 2 friends and it turns out his wishes were heard by Valve as well and may have eventually led to an on-stage reunion.

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