Math has proven what all League of Legends players already know: Taric needs a new skin

Did Riot forget Taric is a champion in League of Legends?

Its no secret that Riot Games loves to play favorites with champions like Lux, Miss Fortune, and Ahri. Since these champions are seen as the queens of League of Legends, they enjoy the perks of having more than a dozen skins. On the other hand, champions like Udyr, Ornn, and Taric are sitting in the corner watching the community play with their shiny new toys.

Reddit user u/Mental_Bowler_7518 went above and beyond every expectation with their study on the number of skins for each champion compared to their release date. After gathering the necessary data to compare champions, the Reddit user went on a quest to discover a magical formula to explain how many skins champions have and exactly which champs have either “too many” or “not enough.” 

After explaining their work process, which involved dividing the statistics into two categories (adjusted and unadjusted and days since the release and number of skins), the Reddit user took a deep dive into the statistics behind League skins.

In summary, Taric, the Shield of Valoran, together with Ornn and Udyr, is chronically desperate for a new skin, with his latest cosmetic being released in March 2020. On top of that, Taric is in such a miserable state skin-wise that his skin numbers were used in every test to determine if champions have received enough cosmetics since their release. 

If youre interested in the entire study, you can find it here.

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