Massive TFT Set 8 PBE update hits everything heading into holiday hiatus

A big system change aims to adjust tempo strategies.

Riot Games is dropping the largest Teamfight Tactics Set Eight PBE update today since testing for Monsters Attack! began, hitting 28 champions, 19 traits, 16 items, 12 Augments, and 31 Hero Augments, according to game design director  Stephen Mortdog Mortimer.

Every TFT set during PBE testing has at least one or two huge updates. The length of Set Eight testing runs a total of three weeks instead of two due to Riot devs taking time off in North America for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Today’s Monsters Attack! PBE update will shake up the meta. And no other major updates are scheduled until Nov. 29, according to Mortdog, with a minor patch taking place tomorrow that has a “surprise,” in addition to bug fixes. The Nov. 22 TFT Set Eight PBE update will go live around 2pm CT today. 

Big TFT Set Eight PBE changes to watch for

The biggest change taking place within today’s TFT Set Eight PBE update is an increase in base player damage during the mid-game. Damage to Tacticians was increased at multiple Stages, from 0/0/2/3/5/8/15/150 to 0/0/3/4/6/9/15/150. It’s only a one-point increase, but over the course of consecutive losses, those extra hits of damage can add up quickly and put players in a tough spot heading into the late game. 

In addition to the base damage adjustments, the TFT team has changed critical strike chance that exceeds 100 percent to get converted into bonus critical strike damage at a two-to-one ratio. 

Notable trait balance changes that players should keep an eye on include a buff to the Anima Squad trait, increasing the health per Fame from five to six. Omnivamp for Hacker was increased at the three and four breakpoints. Defender and Brawler were both buffed, Duelist attack speed was buffed across the board, and Janna’s Forecaster trait got a buff for rainy conditions at one and two-star. 

Champions to watch for include Viego, who received multiple buffs. Syndra’s mana also got a slight buff, while Fiddlesticks’ spell and armor/magic resistance was buffed too. Soraka received a nerf to her spell damage, along with Aphelios to all three of his guns. And don’t sleep on Ezreal with his Hero Augment since multiple buffs were applied to him in today’s TFT Set Eight PBE update. 

A total of 16 Set Eight items were adjusted, with Blue Buff losing five bonus AP, along with Spear of Shojin. Guard Breaker gained five percent bonus damage. And Giant Slayer had its health threshold reduced to 1,600 while its large bonus damage was increased by five percent.

TFT Set Eight is scheduled to hit the live servers on Dec. 7.

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