Marvel Snap’s OTA patches will now be happening less frequently than before

The developer explained why, but it's still a bummer.

Marvel Snap’s trial period of weekly over-the-air patches to tweak numbers on cards is coming to an end. And the good news is that it will continue into the foreseeable future.

The bad news, though, is that they will be happening “at a slightly less frequent cadence.” The OTA patches will no longer be coming on every single Thursday in between the game’s one, large monthly update that requires a download.

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“This last month has been a lot of fun for the design team,” Second Dinner said in today’s patch notes. “The metagame has featured a diverse spread of interesting decks, even given the recent dominance of Black Bolt/Stature. Weve appreciated the communitys positive reaction to our OTA balance philosophy as well as the changes themselves.”

The weekly updates have been refreshing, allowing Second Dinner to tweak the game’s best and worst cards to either help them along or bring them in line with the rest of the options in the game, like this week’s tweaks to the powerful Black Bolt/Stature deck.

“Rather than making balance changes on all three of the weeks between patches, well be taking the week in the middle off,” Second Dinner said. “There are two primary contributing factors to this decision: 1. putting together these updates on tight deadlines was a bit more stressful than wed like each week, and 2. having two OTA weeks in a row always meant we got little to no insight from the first week when locking in changes for the second.”

Second Dinner said the new cadence of patches will now be as follows: Tuesday major patch, then OTA patch on Thursday the following week, no patch the next week, then another OTA patch in the week before the next major patch.

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The dev also confirmed there won’t be an OTA patch next week, so the new cadence will begin with the June season of Snap, which is set to kick off on June 6.

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