Marvel Snap’s newest Series 5 card is a wise-cracking bird that can read the future

This one will definitely help save you some cubes.

Marvel Snap’s ever-expanding roster of odd characters from the Marvel universe just added a new card that’s looking to quack the meta.

That’s right, ’80s cinema fans, Howard the Duck arrived in Snap today. The one-cost card has a unique ability, making him an interesting choice for players saving up their Collector’s Tokens and looking to add to their collections.

After making another cinematic cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which was released earlier in the month, Howard is ready to help you save or gain some cubes in Marvel Snap, making him a welcome addition to many struggling players who never know when to retreat properly.

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Here’s everything to know about the duck that’s about to be reading the future in your Marvel Snap matches.

New Marvel Snap card for May 15: Howard the Duck

Howard the DuckImage via Nuverse

Howard the Duck is a one-cost, two-power card with an Ongoing ability that is completely unique to him. Whether or not you find he’s worth the 6,000 Collector’s Tokens is up to you, but the knowledge he brings may be priceless.

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Howard’s card text reads as follows: “Ongoing: Tap this to see the top card of your deck.” Once Howard is played, you can tap or click on him to see what your next card is.

This means if you play Howard on turn one, you will always know what your next card will be throughout the game so long as he survives or doesn’t have his ability taken away by Enchantress.

With his ability, Howard will combo with another recent Series Five entry in Iron Lad. Since Iron Lad can copy the text of your deck’s top card, all of the mystery and RNG of playing him will be taken away by Howard, allowing you to know whether or not it’s worth the play or if you should retreat and save some cubes.

Howard joins Nebula as another recent one-cost card that’s just a solid overall play for one energy, and he will likely fit into numerous different existing meta decks as a result.

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While he may not be a card that decks can be built around like the upcoming High Evolutionary and Living Tribunal cards, he may slot into many decks thanks to his powerful utility.

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