Marvel Snap’s most polarizing card may have just moved closer toward an inevitable nerf

You either love or hate this card.

Marvel Snap’s Galactus has been making players kneel on the competitive ladder since his releaseand it seems like his increasing play rate may force the hand of the game’s developers soon.

Galactus is one of the most controversial cards in Marvel Snap. The six energy, two power card says “Kneel before Galactus” as he destroys the other two locations in the game if played into a location with no other cards on his side, thus effectively nullifying most of what has happened in any match before it.

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And apparently, he’s either loved by players who enjoy playing him or hated by just about everyone else who comes into contact with him, with not much middle ground in between.

With each passing update without any change to Galactus, the community wonders when he’ll be changed. And with a Discord reply today from a Marvel Snap dev, it seems like that day is rapidly approaching.

“A while ago you pointed out that Galactus hasn’t reached the threshold you set for him, and that that threshold is much lower than for regular cards,” said a Snap player on the game’s official Discord. “Now my question is, has he crossed that line? He has been the most popular deck in the game since the beginning of previous season, and his play rate (at least according to third party sources that are available to regular players like untapped) has been oscillating between eight and 12 percent.”

According to’s stats, Galactus is indeed quite popular, although many players may suggest the card is not a dominant one since it takes a lot to go right and is easily countered. But it seems as though Second Dinner agrees with the player’s sentiment above.

“Yes, his play rate hasnt subsided as wed hoped,” replied Second Dinner principal designer Glenn Jones. “Weve reviewed ways we can adjust his card to better accomplish our goals.”

Confirmation that the card’s stats aren’t quite where the dev wants them to be likely means a change or nerf of some kind is more likely now than it was before Jones replied to that message. If Galactus continues to see a high play rate, a change may have to be made.

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Soon, for better or for worse depending on which side of the Galactus fence you stand on, he, too, may know what it feels like to kneel.

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