Marvel Snap’s most meme-worthy card takes over all locations in this hilarious play

These seven Howard the Ducks are greater than the seven dwarfs.

The High Evolutionarys delayed release earlier this week in Marvel Snap made Howard the Duck a superstar when it comes to memes.

With the most anticipated card in a long time not arriving in the game on time, Howard the Duck is still the featured card in the weekly spotlight section of each players Token Shop. This caused frustration from most players while also becoming the reason for a surge of memes featuring the beloved duck.

But it’s a different story for Reddit user RoboBob3000, who posted a video yesterday of their gameplay featuring none other than Howard the Duck. In the clip, a total of seven Howard the Ducks were played and distributed across all the locations. But how did this happen in the first place?

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The answer? Well, there wasnt any confirmation in the post on how the seven Howard the Ducks were created. But some viewers of the clip speculated that it was because of the Kamar-Taj location where Moon Girl and Wong were possibly played.

Kamar-Taj allows all On Reveal effects of cards played there to be triggered twice. This is also the ability of Wong, making a total of four triggers for Moon Girls ability to duplicate its users cards in the hand. It is possible that Howard the Duck was the only card in the users hand when Moon Girls effect was triggered multiple times. Wong and Moon Girl were then speculated to be destroyed by Carnage, which was the card placed in Kamar-Taj as seen in the clip.

The army of Howard the Ducks, however, wasnt successful in helping the user win the game. But this was one hilarious and creative play showcasing the unified strength courtesy of seven copies of the most meme-worthy card in Marvel Snap today.

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