Marvel Snap’s latest Series 5 card is great for trolling the opposition’s board

Prepare to annoy.

The final Animals Assemble card joined Marvel Snap today, and it’s a scientist who turned himself into a dinosaur.

The Marvel universe is full of odd characters like Stegron, a scientist who injected himself with dinosaur DNA and turned into a stegosaurus, along with gaining the ability to command dinosaurs to do his bidding.

In Marvel Snap, Stegron’s card text kind of fits with that latter ability. He’ll be commanding cards to move off of his position, which makes for some interesting combinations and the potential of the inception of an all-new troll deck in the game.

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Stegron can now be found in the Token Shop section of the in-game store for this week’s Weekly Spotlight (starting April 25). He can be purchased for 6,000 Collector’s Tokens or pulled from random Collector’s Reserves by players who have collected all other cards thus far.

Here’s everything to know about April’s final Series Five addition to Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap new Series five card: Stegron

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  • Card stats: Four Energy, Five Power
  • Card text: On Reveal: Move an enemy card from here to another location.

Stegron is all about controlling and trolling your opposition, joining a roster of a select few other cards that are all about moving your opponent’s cards and ruining their plans. He fits into the same ilk as cards like Juggernaut, Polaris, and Aero, meaning you could play all four in the same deck and spend your entire match manipulating where the opponent’s cards are played.

Stegron’s downside is that it’s only able to move one card, so if the opposition has played multiple cards at a location, it comes down to RNG to decide which one will be moved off of that location.

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Fun potential combinations include Zabu to bring Stegron’s cost to three energy, Kingpin to attempt to destroy enemy cards by moving them into his lane, and Miles Morales whose cost goes from five to one when a card is moved.

With Stegron, Marvel Snap’s new Animals Assemble card releases come to an end. A new season will begin on May 3, featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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