Marvel Snap teams up with Twitch Rivals and Samsung for $10,000 streamer tournament

These snaps will echo around the community for weeks.

It’s time for some of Marvel Snap’s top streamers to put their cubes where their egos are.

Twitch Rivals has revealed its first Marvel Snap event, and it’s coming up very soon. Twelve top streamers will be joining up and facing off, putting their cubes to the test and deciding the age-old question: Do I snap, and if they snap, do I snap back?

The event, presented by Samsung Mobile, has a $10,000 prize pool. All 12 competitors will be broken up into six teams of two, who will then face off against every other team in a round-robin format. The teams can only feature one player in Infinite rank, plus a teammate.

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According to the rules on Twitch Rivals’ site, each round will feature “a unique deck building requirement.” Upon conclusion of the round-robin portion, the top two teams with the most points will compete against each other in the grand finals.

The first-place team will take home $2,000, with second winning $1,100, and third through sixth bringing home $600, all split between the two competitors.

Here’s the list of confirmed Snappers:

  • nl_Kripp
  • JeffHoogland
  • Sajam
  • bmkibler
  • Shadybunny
  • Hotashi
  • ninaisnoob
  • Dekkster
  • JimDavisMTG
  • nicholena
  • TomMartell
  • DeraJN

The roster of combatants is a solid mix of top Snap streamers, card game legends like Kripp, and everything in between. The final teams will be announced in the days leading up to the tournament.

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Twitch Rivals: Marvel Snap begins on May 31 at 4pm CT.

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