Marvel Snap players are up in arms over yet another unplayable location

Please, just let us play the decks we built, we beg of you.

The newest addition to Marvel Snap is yet another location that restricts cards from being played there, and players are beginning to voice their frustrations about it.

The newly-added location, The Sandbar, only allows Marvel Snap cards with no abilities to be played there. That limits the playable cards to just a handful, including cheap picks like Wasp or Misty Knight, meaning players who don’t run cards like that will be limited to the other two locationsor none at all, like this one unlucky Redditor.

Marvel Snap player Justalilsky posted their unfortunate game on April 27, where their three locations were The Sandbar, Sanctum Sanctorum, and Plunder Castle. Each location severely limits which cards can be played there, with some even totally locked.

Normally, these locations are circumvented by playing something into another location that will play other cards into the limited one. But in Justalilsky’s case, their only option was to wait all the way until turn six if they had no non-ability cards.

The Sandbar felt especially egregious during its first day in Marvel Snap where it was a Featured Location, meaning it had a 50 percent chance to show up. Normal days in Snap aren’t this harsh, usually, but there’s always the chance this type of thing could happen. And players are getting annoyed with it.

“They really should start categorizing locations,” said one commenter. “Make the play restricting once less likely together. So if [a] restricting location is selected, [the] second one is X percent less likely. Third should never happen. All these locations on their own aren’t an issue, but with them adding more they really should reconsider the selections.”

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Another similar thread popped up on April 27 showing even more locations that restrict play, with The Sandbar popping up with Morag and Miniaturized Lab. The player effectively lost the game after the third turn once all of the locations popped up since they couldn’t play a card until turn sixif they even had a six drop to use.

With over 100 locations already in the CCG and more being added each season, it truly is the luck of the draw when it comes to which locations pop up, and locations are truly an integral part of the gameplay experience. But some protection to prevent situations like these from popping up would definitely be welcomed.

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Marvel Snap is a fun game when players are allowed to utilize their decks, but if the game keeps adding restrictive locations, this issue could only compound.

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