Marvel Snap players are desperate for one big change to deck avatars

Marvel Snap players are hoping for a change following a recent update.

Marvel Snap’s regular updates have provided players with plenty of new features to get their teeth stuck into but one particular change has resulted in frustration.

Earlier this month, a new patch introduced cosmetic customizations by deckallowing specific card backs, titles, and avatars to be applied to each deck separately.

With new customization options continuously being added to the game, the change provided players with the ability to showcase their collection in different ways in a similar fashion to being able to control their variants.

The omission of an option to set a default avatar across all decks has, however, garnered backlash from some corners of the community.

A May 24 post on the topic on Marvel Snap’s Reddit garnered over 1,000 upvotes and over 100 comments, with players keen for another update to solve what they believe is a huge oversight.

While the majority agreed that having deck-specific cosmetics is a great idea, the omission of the ability to bypass this by setting options across all desks is something they hope is added in the future.

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Others were more critical of the update, suggesting it went against the game’s core selling point being able to build decks and test them out quickly in comparison to other games in the genre which run more cards per deck.

Hopefully, the issue is addressed in the game’s next patch, which is expected to arrive in mid-June.

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