Marvel Snap player gets rare 1-v-4 win on Mojoworld with unusual strategy

The God of Thunder single-handedly took over Mojoworld.

In Marvel Snap, its not just the cards that make players win matches. One feature that makes the game unique compared to other card games is the inclusion of locations. These are inspired by some of the most iconic places from all over the Marvel universe, from both the comics and movies. Some locations provide significant advantages for you, while some make winning a challenge.

Mojoworld is one of the locations where winning it can give you a big advantage. Originally, in the Marvel comics, it is the extradimensional and extratemporal realm inhabited by the semi-humanoids known as the Spineless Ones. But in Marvel Snap, the player with the most cards in that location gains 100 Power there. Typically, both you and your opponent will play four weak cards there and no one gets the big point bonus. Though, some find a way to win it, even in the most unexpected way.

Reddit user Xonathan posted a video of their end game result. They won two out of the three locations that appeared, with one of those being Mojoword. But what sparked the interest of other users is how Xonathan won Mojoworld. Instead of playing four cards, they just had a lone Thor there, but with a massive 124 Power. This outpowered the 110 Power created by their opponent using four weak cards. But how did this happen in the first place?

The answer? The ultimate trinity of Wong, Mystique, and Odin alongside Mjolnir. Wong has an Ongoing ability that triggers the On Reveal effect of cards placed on his location twice. This Ongoing ability was then copied by Mystique. Mjolnir then came thundering down with it’s On Reveal ability of granting Thor plus six Power, triggering several times due to Wong and Mystique. But Thors father, Odin, triggers all the On Reveal abilities of cards played before him in a location. Thanks to the combo of Wong and Mystique, both Odin and Mjolnir’s abilities were triggered multiple times. In total, Mjolnir was activated a whopping 20 times, leaving Thor at 124 Power.

The 124-Power Thor was no match for the 110 Power created by two Swarms, Wolverine, and a two-Power Sunspot in Mojoworld. Xonathans Zabu and Armor, on the other hand, won them The Big House location to eventually make them the winner of the match. Indeed, the creativity of players to win locations in Marvel Snap are limitless. Who wouldve thought that Mojoworld can be won by only playing a single card? Well, its the Mighty Thor after all, and his best bud Mjolnir saved the day for him.

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