Marvel Snap player gets lucky win with Galactus and Goblins Dark Dimension strategy

The Goblins were the real MVPs.

In Marvel Snap, there’s a group of cards known to be the big bads based on some of the most popular and powerful villains in the Marvel universe. All the big bad cards come with game-changing effects that can make them a deck archetype of their own. This includes the gigantic cosmic being known as the devourer of worlds, Galactus.

Galactus is one of the most hated cards in all of Marvel Snap because of its ability to destroy other locations. But there is a big sacrifice needed to pull this off, which is making the location where you will play Galactus vacant before you place him. Having a card in the location where you play him will make Galactus ability invalid, making him just a six-cost, two-Power vanilla card in the process.

But there could be some cases where even though there are cards already in a location, Galactus can still trigger its effect. This was the scenario displayed in a Reddit post shared by user Pylorinu earlier this week. In the final turn, they played three cards in the Dark Dimension location since it does not reveal all cards played there despite which turn they were placed. And this is where it became exciting and devastating for the opponent at the same time.

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The first two cards revealed in the Dark Dimension location were Green Goblin and Hobgoblin, who are known to be two of the most infamous enemies of Spider-Man. Both goblins have negative Power, with the former having negative three and the latter negative eight, as well as possessing the ability to place themselves in an open spot on your opponents side of the location.

Green Goblin and Hobgoblin both went to the opponents side of the Dark Dimension location after they were revealed. This caused the opponent to have a total of negative nine Power, with Luke Cage being the lone card placed there before both goblins switched sides. This left the opening for Pylorinu to play and eventually activate the ability of Galactus. The other locations, namely The Nexus and Monster Metropolis, were both destroyed. The two Power of Galactus was enough to beat the negative nine Power created on their opponents side of the location, giving the win to Pylorinu.

Galactus decks have become more predictable through time because of the familiarity of the tech cards being used to set up their final play. But in Pylorinus case, this was a surprising ending that caused a catastrophe for their opponent.

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