Marvel Snap player breaks the game’s timer with the help of Odin

The planning this must've taken is extraordinary.

Card games are usually hit or miss for audiences, with games that are unable to introduce interesting new metas usually falling to the wayside. Marvel Snap is the latest attempt to break into this dense industry, with players finding interesting new card combinations all the time. One player may have broken the game due to an infinite turn strategy.

In a post on Reddit on May 18, one player discussed how they were mulling over strategies for Snap one night when they thought about an Arnim Zola and Odin play. According to them, they were eventually able to recreate their vision, with the video below showing the timer burning out but the game refusing to move on past the current turn. After a moment, the game plays through, with a roughly 30-second fast-forward screen.

The fast-forward screen is triggered when there are going to be a lot of animations that would take a long time to watch. The fact that the fast-forward screen goes on for so long is a clear indication of the complicated nature of this strategy, with the game even glitching as it tries to compute the play beforehand. The next-level planning this must’ve taken indicates a strategic mind or a seriously dedicated Snap fan.

The strategy seems to be having an Arnim Zola at all three locations, which doesn’t seem easy in itself. In the video above the player does that before copying the third Arnim Zola’s ability to an Absorbing Man. Once done, all you need to do is place an Odin at the two other locations, which will cause the Arnim Zola to activate its ability and play another Odin next to your Arnim Zola, and so on.

It’s a process that could go on forever because Arnim Zola will delete the Odin that was just placed and move it to the two other locations. This will then cause the Odin to activate Arnim Zola’s ability. This is likely what caused such a long fast-forward screen before the game eventually just stopped processing the cards.

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