Marvel Snap devs explain why the game’s most hated card won’t be nerfed

The devourer of worlds remains untouchable.

The May 16 patch of Marvel Snap introduced a bunch of game and card changes, but there were no major buffs or nerfs implemented in this update aside from the ability rewording for Wave. And the games most hated card, in the form of Galactus, is still untouchable when it comes to a possible nerf.

Marvel Snap game designer Glenn Jones answered a question in the official Discord server of the game. Jones was asked about developer Second Dinners take on Galactus current state in the game, especially with its powerful ability to destroy two of the three locations, which has been oppressive, according to the user. Jones responded by saying that the other cards in Galactus decks are still not crossing our nerf thresholds.

The reason he hasnt been changed is that the deck and its cards werent crossing our nerf thresholds, as a losing deck played by a small number of people doesnt qualify as oppressive, even if it can be frustrating, Jones said.

But he also clarified that Second Dinner is still exploring possible adjustments that can be done for Galactus. It may not be that easy to be implemented, however.

Recently, he has consistently remained too popular even with a weak win percentage, so were exploring potential adjustments, Jones continued. However, he is not a simple card to change, both from a design perspective and from a technological one. Wed rather make no change than one that accidentally makes him either stronger or unplayable, so we are exercising diligence as we figure out the best course.

Galactus decks have been a staple in the meta because of their ability to turn games upside down in an instant, given their effect activation conditions are met. A bunch of powerful cards also synergize well with Galactus ability, such as Wolverine, Wave, Electro, Spider-Man, Death, and Knull. A majority of the players see the Galacus strategy as something that is not fun to play with, though, since it only plays a straightforward setup almost all of the time.

As for the Marvel Snap May 16 patch, a ton of changes have been listed to be implemented gradually in the game. This includes the reduction of required cubes to rank up from 10 to seven, separate cosmetics customization for each deck, new card series drops, a flexible series release and drop, and the upcoming Weekend Missions. You can check the official patch notes to know more.

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