Maokai, Hecarim skyrocket in solo queue following League Patch 12.17

They're looking better than ever.

Maokai and Hecarim received adjustments in the latest League of Legends patch, causing the champions to reach new heights in solo queue.

The champions have seen a major increase in their win rates, pick rates, and ban rates in ranked games following Patch 12.17, according to a stat site

Maokai was rarely picked before the patch, which went live on Thursday, Sept. 8, appearing in less than one percent of games in Platinum and Diamond and above. But when the latest patch hit the live servers, it almost instantly increased to seven percent. His win rate also jumped up from around 50 percent to 53 percent.

The situatuin is similar with Hecarim. His pick rate before the patch was no more than five percent, and now it’s around 17 percent in Platinum and 16 percent in Diamond and above. His win rate in both ranks also climbed by two to three percent. It’s now 51.49 percent in the Diamond ranks and higher. Hecarim’s ban rate also skyrocketed to 62.11 percent in Diamond and above.

The changes to both champions involved tweaking their kits, bolstering Maokai’s tank capabilities and jungle sustain, while making Hecarim more of a damage-dealing bruiser, instead of the beefy engager he was before.

With both champions looking stronger and stronger in solo queue, expect to see them make an appearance at Worlds 2021, which will be played on Patch 12.18. The international event kicks off on Sept. 29.

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