Make-or-break round 4 set for IEM Rio Major Legends Stage

Everything on the line from here on out.

The fourth round of IEM Rio CS:GO Major Legends Stage is set for Monday, Nov. 7, and it’s safe to say almost no one expected what’s happened so far.

In a stunning turn of events, the first team to be eliminated from the Legends Stage is FaZe Clan, the reigning Major champions and currently (but not for long) number-one ranked team in the world, per HLTV. This is the first time a reigning Major champion has gone 0-3 in the next Major, as one of the most favorited teams in the entire field is officially out first.

A favorite in Rio for a different reason has come alive in the Legends Stage: FURIA has ridden a wave of momentum while on the shoulders of their rabid supporters to a 3-0 record, ensuring the Champions Stage will have a team that the home crowd will certainly go nuts for.

The second 3-0 team is another surprise: Cloud9, who started Challengers 0-2, has mounted comeback after comeback to propel themselves into playoffs.

It’s been a tough start overall for all the teams that started cold in Legends. Of the eight teams that qualified directly for the Legends Stage via the RMR events, only two finished day two and round three with positive records: Team Liquid and Heroic. Coincidentally, they will face each other in the 2-1 pool with a shot at the Champions Stage on the line.

Aside from Liquid vs. Heroic, an overlooked MOUZ roster will take on Outsiders in the 2-1 pool. Meanwhile, BIG, who’s ears are still likely still ringing after falling to FURIA in front of the home crowd, will have another chance at playoffs against Fnatic.

In the 1-2 pool, the Bad News Eagles will need lightning to strike twice after their monumental upset over FaZe, as they take on another star-studded former champion in NAVI. Vitality, who has championship potential but still lacks the consistency to capitalize on it, will face ENCE. Finally, Spirit will take on Sprout, who just kept their tournament hopes alive with a decisive win over NiP in the 0-2 pool of round three.

2-1 pool of Legends Stage: Win and you’re in

  • Team Liquid vs. Heroic
  • BIG vs. Fnatic
  • MOUZ vs. Outsiders

1-2 pool of Legends Stage: No room for error

  • NAVI vs. Bad News Eagles
  • Vitality vs. ENCE
  • Team Spirit vs. Sprout
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