Major Neeko bug makes her unusable after League preseason jungle changes

That's a massive hit.

The 2023 preseason changes introduced pets to junglers in League of Legends, but players claim they make Neeko unusable.

One Neeko player explained the bug on League’s subreddit on Feb. 26. They pointed out that if Neeko uses her passive to disguise as her jungler, she won’t get a pet following her, which will immediately reveal that she’s an impostor and not the real jungler, eventually breaking the whole mechanic.

Furthermore, Neeko’s pet doesn’t disappear if she’s a jungler and turns into one of her teammates.

The player also added that the bug has been in the game since Patch 12.22, which introduced preseason changes to the game. Since then, players can’t fully utilize Neeko’s passive in some situations.

Neeko is currently expecting a mid-scope update, which was pushed back due to Yuumi’s rework. While players don’t expect any fixes coming for the Curious Chameleon until that update, it’s also unknown when the update itself will release, leaving Neeko’s mains displeased to say the least.

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Still, the bug only adds to the fact that Neeko is in a dire need of a major update. She hasn’t received any direct gameplay changes since Patch 12.7 (except the general durability update in Patch 12.10), and her stats are currently poor as well.

In Patch 13.4, she has recorded a 49.24 percent win rate in all ranks so far, with a 0.6 percent pick rate and only a 0.1 percent ban rate, according to a League stat site U.GG.

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