Maintain the faith: CLG runs back full 2022 League roster for next year as org focuses on internal growth

The faithful shall be rewarded.

When Counter Logic Gaming announced a new general manager and philosophy for its League of Legends division, supporters were skeptical after the organization suffered multiple seasons at the bottom of the regular season standings in the LCS.

But after a surprisingly decent turnaround in the 2022 Summer Split, the team has unveiled its plans to run it back with the same roster into 2023.

Dhokla, Contractz, Palafox, Luger, and Poome are all sticking with the legacy NA organization as they aim to build on the recent successes they found by the end of this past year.

Before this past summer, CLG found themselves at the bottom of the pit in North America, especially after ending as a bottom-three team in the league for five seasons in a row. The team experimented with a plethora of different veteran players, but could never find the right amount of firepower and synergy to make things work.

Eventually, the team wiped the slate clean by dropping its entire roster and clearing its coaching staff, starting anew with Jonathon McDaniel as the division’s new general manager.

The future-minded GM honed in on cultivating promising talent that could blossom into superstars, and after picking up prospects like Luger and Poome, they slowly became one of the major fan favorites in the region.

Now, the team must look towards improving themselves for the 2023 Spring Split, where they will be colliding with rosters loaded with new talent from around the world. Since they’ve worked together all year, synergy shouldn’t be an issue.

Instead, they’ll have to sharpen their skills and level up as a team to keep up with some of the superstar-laden lineups that are being announced in the LCS.

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