Luminosity signs MkLeo and Tweek, bringing together 2 of Smash Ultimate’s all-time greats

Don't act like two legends cannot coexist.

Luminosity Gaming has bolstered its Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster with the biggest dual-signing in the history of the scene. The organization has brought on MkLeo and Tweek as its two newest Ultimate players, it announced today. 

Widely regarded as two of, if not the two best players to ever play Smash Ultimate, MkLeo and Tweek have had one of the most storied rivalries in modern Smash history. Now, theyll play under the same banner.

Earlier this year, both MkLeo and Tweek were let go from their previous organizations, with MkLeo ending his three-year deal with T1 and Tweek ending a four-year partnership with TSM within the span of five days of each other. When their tier-one orgs made the decisions to drop them, Smash fans became wary that the moves could have long-term negative effects on the scene in regard to the way players were financially supported. Tweek and Leos simultaneous joining of Luminosity should instill a feeling of faith and hopefulness in fans, though. 

The additions of two of Ultimates G.O.A.T.’s also skyrockets Luminosity to the top of the Smash ecosystem from a competitive standpoint since the org’s all-star lineup already includes top-tier Mr. Game & Watch player Maister. 

Tweek and MkLeowho have already each won major tournaments in 2023 (Lets Make Big Moves and Genesis 9, respectively)are both making their Luminosity debuts at this weekends Smash Ultimate Summit 6, which will be the final Summit tournament hosted by Beyond the Summit. The legacy brand known for its intimate and high-profile Melee and Ultimate tournaments will close its doors later this year due to financial struggles. 

Everythings happening so fast, but I never thought wed be on the same team, Tweek said on the Ultimate Summit broadcast immediately following the announcement. Its just crazy how all of this lined up. Im a big basketball guy, and it feels like LeBron going to Miami.

Smash Ultimate Summit 6 begins today on the Beyond the Summit Twitch channel and will continue throughout the weekend, with the Ultimate singles bracket concluding on March 26. 

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