Lulu’s Pix can now take a bullet for Viego thanks to this League bug

Another week, another Viego exploit.

Viego bugs are becoming increasingly common in League of Legends, and players have just found another one.

A content creator named Hextech Lab showcased a bug on their YouTube channel on Dec. 18. Once Viego seizes control of the Lulu’s spirit, his Pix becomes targetable to enemy champions. As well as that, another Lulu from his team can give his Pix a Pix of its own.

This bug, while minor at first glance, could have a big impact when used accordingly. Viego could use Pix as a shield and block skillshots from champions like Blitzcrank, Thresh, and Nautiluis.

Viego is certainly in the race for the title of the most-bugged champion in League. Since his release in January 2021, the champion has been plagued with bugs. Most of them have been fixed by now but more continue to crop up with each new patch.

This isn’t the only bug leading to champions’ allies becoming targetable either. In December 2021, players discovered a similar bug related to Bard. When the champion passed through a Hexgate, his meep became targetable, allowing him to block skillshots with his faithful minions.

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