LuluLuvely fears ‘dumb’ new Apex feature will do more harm than good in season 17

It was one of the few things she didn't like.

Apex Legends streamer LuluLuvely isnt a fan of the addition of Evac Towers in season 17 of the battle royale. The Twitch star described the new loot item, which is essentially a portable jump tower, as dumb during her May 9 stream and fears its going to cause even more third-party issues.

In her view, developers Respawn added the Evac Tower to make rotations easier for players who arent good at rotating. The problem, however, is that it undermines movement-based legends like Valkyrie to the point where they may as well be taken out of the game.

Its also a slap in the face to players who put in the time and effort to master those legends. If you’re actively choosing to get a rotational character and if you suck at rotating, then learn how to rotate better, she scoffed.

LuluLuvely also felt the tower’s addition wasn’t necessary for Apex. In addition to certain characters, the game already has enough features to make rotating easier, including the rail system on Broken Moon, the gravity cannons on Storm Point, and the fact Kings Canyon has a lot of towers despite being the smallest map. She is convinced the new towers will cause more harm than good as the season runs its course.

On a brighter note, she was thrilled about the ranked changes. Like Sweetdreams, she was particularly thrilled about the fact players now need to be level 50 in order to queue ranked, which makes it harder for boosters and cheaters to run wild.

Given how negatively she felt about the game this time last year, and how critical shes been of all of last season’s issues, the fact she seemed to love everything outside of the Evac Towers is a good sign. As someone who has streamed Apex for almost 4,000 hours, her thoughts and perspectives on the game and its current state carry a lot of weight.

It will be interesting to see whether her fears about Evac Towers come true, and if so, whether Respawn does something about it to stop them from making third-party issues run rampant.

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