Ludwig’s $500,000 VALORANT team becomes instant meme after disappointing Challengers debut

Making moves, just in the wrong direction.

Popular streamer Ludwig and his co-founder MoistCr1TiKaL had a pretty rough start to their VALORANT teams run in North American Challengers. 

The pair, which signed free-agent team BreakThru under Moist Esports, spent $500,000 to acquire the roster. BreakThru was touted as an underdog team in Challengers but had the potential to take down some of the best. 

Now under Moist Moguls, the team was handed a surprising defeat by last-place Turtle Troop 2-0. Moist Moguls now sit just outside of the top four in Group A with a 1-2 record, equalling Turtle Troop at the bottom. 

The match was pretty neck and neck, but Moist Moguls lost all momentum on the second map following a tight defeat on Fracture. Ludwig watched the match live to his audience on YouTube with thousands of viewers. A close friend of Ludwig and fellow streamer Tarik got a kick out of the match with Ludwig trying to hilariously motivate his team.

On Feb. 26 Ludwig announced the signing of BreakThru to the organization saying he spent $500,000 of Charlies money [on] a VALORANT team. The investment hasnt gone to plan so far, but there are plenty of matches left before the Mid-Season Invitational. 

The top four teams from Group A and B will qualify for the MSI with some circuit points and cash prizes on the line. 

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