Ludwig takes aim at YouTube Gaming’s streaming limitations, says he has hopes it will improve

The star is disappointed with the platform's features.

Star YouTube Ludwig Ahgren has slammed his platform of choice for its streaming designs, claiming it “sucks” for broadcasting right now and needs a number of upgrades in technical areas before it can actually compete with Twitch long-term.

Ludwig is one of the most popular live streamers in the world and after making the move to YouTube Gaming back in November 2021 continued to cultivate a fantastic streaming environment fans adore. Despite YouTube giving the streamer a new home, he didn’t hold back when calling out the platform’s drawbacks.

Ludwig shared his frustrations with YouTube Gaming’s newly implemented hosting feature, which allows streamers at the end of their broadcast to send viewers to another creator that’s currently live. The feature, which Ludwig pointed out in his most recent video Ludwig’s Mogul Mail video, has been a staple on Twitch since its introduction in 2014. It has been implemented on YouTube Gaming with many issues, according to Ludwig.

“I tried it for like five minutes at the end of one of my streams. Trying to raid Rae and you have to go down here, you have to copy in the channel name, and then it still doesn’t work,” Ludwig said, describing his issues with trying to “host” Valkyrae. “It’s just hard, it’s just confusing. And it will get better, but right now it’s bad.”

Ludwig then redirected fans’ attention to his newly founded company, The company is an upgrade to his original browser extension that aimed to make YouTube Gaming feel more like Twitch.

With features such as changing the way YouTube’s live chat box works, allowing third-party emotes, and allowing viewers to change the color of their name, the original extension made the transition from Twitch to YouTube Gaming much easier for fans of the star, and he hopes can provide that same experience for other streamers on the platform.

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