Ludwig spends half a million dollars to pick up NA VALORANT Challengers roster for Moist Esports

Let's get Moist.

If the NA VALORANT Challengers League wasn’t already the most clouted tier two VALORANT league, it is now with the addition of Moist Esports.

As first reported by Max “Purest” Katz, the Moist organization has signed the BreakThru roster currently competing in the first split of NA Challengers. Earlier today, new Moist co-owner Ludwig confirmed the “rumors” and the acquisition, saying he “spent $500,000 of Charlie’s money [on] a VALORANT team.”

Up until now, BreakThru has been competing as a team of unrestricted free agents and qualified for the NA VALORANT Challengers League via the open qualifiers. Going forward they will now seemingly compete under the name “Moist Moguls.”

The Moist Moguls roster consists of aproto, brawk, flyuch, sym, and thief, and is coached by former Heretics and Vitality coach Tanizhq. The free-agent duo of yay and Marved are not part of the current Moist roster, despite each player adding Moist branding to their Twitter profiles. Virtually every member of Moist Moguls posted a version of the ‘contract signed’ gif yesterday.

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Ludwig has already called out the owner of the other prominent streamer-owned organization in NA VALORANT Challengers, challenging Disguised Toast’s team to a showmatch and pitching for the losing owner to shave their head.

BreakThru was one of two free agent rosters available in NA VALORANT Challengers League. The other is Turtle Troop, however, Turtle Troop currently sits at 0-2 and very recently just made roster changes. Prior to being picked up this weekend, BreakThru was 1-1 with a 2-0 win over Oxygen and a tough loss to G2.

Moist fans will not have to wait long for the Moguls to play; their week three VALORANT match is set for tomorrow, Feb. 27, against the Turtle Troops at 6pm CT.

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