Ludwig Smash Invitational to host 32 Ultimate and Melee players

Ludwig promises this will be the biggest Smash invitational ever.

YouTuber and livestreamer Ludwig Ahgren recently announced his latest Super Smash Bros. tournament, which will be an invitational set to host prominent members from both the Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate scenes. The Ludwig Smash Invitational will take place in-person in Las Vegas, Nevada and will run from Oct. 21 through Oct. 23.

Popular content creator Ludwig Ahgren has been an avid member of the Super Smash Bros. Melee community even prior to the success of his streaming career. Creating the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series during the start of the global pandemic and continuing to co-commentate events such as Phantom 2022, Ludwig has continued to support the niche esports community that first popularized his channel.

The advent of the Ludwig Smash Invitational is set to be the content creator’s most ambitious tournament yet, boasting on Twitter that it will be “the biggest smash invitational of all time.” For the first time, Ludwig is also expanding his tournament into the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community as well, hosting a 32-person bracket across both games.

Ludwig promoted that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bracket will host the likes of Kola, Light, Glutonny, MKLeo, Onin, Riddles, and Tweek. For the Melee bracket, Ludwig promises Leffen, Jmook, Hungrybox, Wizzrobe, Zain, and Mang0 will fill out the tournament. Alongside this variety of major-winning Super Smash Bros. veterans, the invitational will host a last chance qualifier to fill the remaining slots for both games on Friday, Sept. 3.

Both the last chance qualifier and Ludwig Smash Invitational events will be hosted on the streamer’s YouTube channel, though it is unclear at the time if there will be an in-person crowd for either event.

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