Ludwig praises Sykkuno for YouTube move, says his Twitch exit “makes a lot of sense”

Ludwig welcomes the latest YouTube convert.

Popular streamer and fellow YouTube transfer Ludwig has shared his thoughts on Sykkuno’s move from Twitch to YouTube, analyzingafter reflection on his own first five months on YouTubewhether or not Sykkuno’s move was a mistake.

Ludwig was one of the most popular creators on Twitch, before he suddenly signing an exclusive contract with YouTube. Though he was banned multiple times in his first week on the new platform, Ludwig has adjusted to the many quirks and differences on YouTube’s service, and even ran an all-star poker event on the site this week.

In a recent YouTube video, Ludwig praised Sykkuno’s switch to YouTube and stated the move made sense for the star streamer’s career. “Sykkuno makes a lot of sense for the switch,” Ludwig admitted, “I think he has friends on here like me and Valkyrae, and his content revolves around him gaming.”

The YouTube creator explained his new platform may not be for everyone; in his eyes, streamers like Mizkif and Hasan would struggle on the platform. Ludwig elaborated on this, stating those streamers in particular rely quite heavily on ‘react’ style content, and YouTube’s rapid content ID system would likely ban these streamers and stunt their growth on the platform early.

“If you’re a reactor and that’s your main content, YouTube just doesn’t, at the moment, have a hospitable place for you,” the Twitch-come-YouTube streamer warned.

During the video, Ludwig touched on his own struggles on the red-branded platform, admitting he did fall slightly in viewership compared to Twitch. Alongside this, the YouTube streamer critiqued the website’s layout and discoverability when it comes to locating streamers specifically compared to his old streaming home.

Despite these teething issues, Ludwig admitted he is already looking back kindly on his switch and holds that Sykkuno will be an excellent addition to YouTube too.

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