LS explains why the LCS is better than its ever been

For him, LCS has been a relief to watch.

Even though Riot Games is trying to revive the LCS with new ideas, the region still gets slammed for almost every hiccup by League of Legends fans. To address this issue, LS joined Travis Gaffords podcast on Feb. 13 and talked about how he feels the region is having its best year yet.

As a critic and negative LCS persona labeled by League fans, LS thinks the region is way better than it’s ever been this year. From the stage to the new segments, LS praised Riots initiatives to make the North American league more immersive and attractive to watch.

I think the stage looks really nice. It helps get immersive in watching, LS said. The segments that they did, like I was a really big fan of the QTCinderella segment. 

According to him, integrating players with full segments on them during breaks is something Riot and LCS have never done before. I think the direction of going that route in a lot of ways is good. Full-blown segments on the actual players are all really good, he said.

As a co-streamer, LS feels these steps are like an uptick which makes the broadcast more noticeable and a relief to watch. Due to these engaging segments, there has been a lot more engagement among viewers even during breaks.  

The competition this year is also engaging to watch. With no guaranteed top-four teams on the LCS leaderboard (except maybe FlyQuest), LS thinks LCS has a good flow right now. 

There are enough fun storylines even with like some of the bottom teams that have like big names, he said. Like Dignitas completely floundering about, Team Liquid trying to figure out what’s going on, and everything going on with CLG, I mean LCS is interesting in that regard.

As a consequence, LS feels terrible seeing the unnecessary LCS drama unfolding on social media platforms over the last few weeks. I feel like analytically [it] doesn’t actually translate into anything. It’s just like people have to take mental blows and it’s almost for naught. It just feels really brutal, LS said.

LS was pointing to the TSM and Doublelift segment during the Feb. 4 broadcast which gained massive backlash from the League community. Fans felt the way LeTigress handled the topic was far too nonchalant as it involved the alleged abuse of TSM players and staff members. But LS felt it was odd everyone tried to go after only one individual, while Riot kept its silence on the segment before addressing it far too late.

The 2023 LCS Spring Split returns tomorrow, Feb. 15, with Evil Geniuses facing off against 100 Thieves at 4pm CT.

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