LS banned on Twitch, says he was DMCA’d for live viewing LEC broadcast

The streamer still doesn't understand what prompted the ban.

During a live viewing of the 2022 LEC Summer Split playoffs today, popular League of Legends content creator Nick “LS” De Cesare had his stream taken down and his account banned.

The 28-year-old said on social media that Riot Games issued a DMCA for his coverage of the league and that he’ll only be able to appeal the ban through the multi-million dollar company. It was a surprise to both him and his followers when his broadcast went down early into the day on Aug. 26.

One fan brought up the fact that he could have been hit with the DMCA due to viewing VODs for three hours prior to the event. But LS said that those VODs are split into highlight portions and that the countdown screen even has different colors and aesthetics. The streamer still doesn’t understand what could have prompted the issue.

“I’m doing the same thing I’ve done for the past four years and even had conversations about with Riot,” LS said. “My title had ‘liveview’ as did my overlay, [and] it’s not even like I was attempting to co-stream or show audio/gameplay.”

As of now, LS’ stream is still down due to a copyright request.

This is a breaking news story with more details to follow. Updates will be added as soon as possible.

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