LS and LoL streamers agree there are 11 major issues that need fixing right now

"Everything here is true."

League of Legends has never been in a perfectly balanced state. Either bruisers are too strong and healing too much or enchanters become the peeling machines you could dream of and leave no breathing room for assassins to ever kill their AD carry.

Season 13 is by no means an exception to this, and thanks to Nick LS de Cesare and other League streamers, we know exactly what Riot Games should fix this season.

On Feb. 26, a League streamer and EUW Challenger by the name of RANGERZX put together a list of everything they think is wrong with the game right now. In the post, the streamer outlined 11 glaring issues that Riot devs should look to fix in the near future. 

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In short, RANGERZX’s list claims:

  • Dragons are too strong.
  • Turret platings give too much gold.
  • Tier-two turrets give too much gold while tier-three turrets barely give you any gold.
  • Some items are too strong and champions that need only one or two items will easily outperform champions with more gold or experience.
  • Mage items are in a terrible state.
  • Rift Herald generates too much gold and pressure.
  • Champion balancing is too slow.
  • AD carries are overpowered after the Durability Patch and item changes.
  • The support role is the most unskilled role in the game with support champions being overpowered.
  • One rework per year is not enough and players want more reworks.
  • Players are still griefing games and manual banning needs to become a thing.

After seeing the list, LS and other League streamers like Oskar Selfmade Boderek and Azer Azzapp Dugalić agreed with all of these glaring issues and think Riot should focus on fixing them.

Many fans will be curious to see if they hear some feedback from Riot on any of these potential issues in League.

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