LOUD vs. Karmine Corp sets new peak viewership mark for VCT LOCK//IN

Brazil represents.

The first international VALORANT event of the year has put up some impressive viewership numbersand the peak is continuing to rise. 

Reigning champions LOUD faced off against Karmine Corp today to determine whether the Brazilian or the French would be upset. The quarterfinal matchup saw the most viewers for the tournament so far, with that number likely to keep increasing throughout the event. 

The LOUD vs. KCorp matchup, arguably two of the most prominent fan bases in VALORANT outside of North America, boasted a peak viewership of 588,848, which is around 20,000 more viewers than the opening match between KOI and NRG

The average viewership of the tournament stands at 367,549, according to data provided by Esports Charts

The LOUD and KCorp match was the second game today, with NRG and Giants to open the day. The North Americans were victorious in the bout and therefore will face off against LOUD in the first semifinal of the tournament on Feb. 19. 

The heavy hitters for viewership from North America and Europe, including the likes of Sentinels and Team Liquid, are yet to play at the tournament. The 32-team event was split between two large brackets across multiple weeks to facilitate the sheer number of teams. 

But the viewership peak may change depending on which teams continue throughout the tournament. With a single elimination bracket, one loss and youre out.

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