Los Angeles Thieves sweep Toronto Ultra, secure Champs spot

Kylo Ken has arrived.

Los Angeles Thieves blow the Toronto Ultra out of the water to qualify for championship Sunday at the Stage Four Major.

After breaking their two-year losing streak against the Atlanta FaZe during the opening match of the Major, the L.A. Thieves have looked miles ahead of all the other teams. They struggled throughout the qualifiers but are finally firing on all cylinders in New York. Not only does their win punch their ticket to Sunday, but it also secures them their spot at Champs next month.

Tuscan has been the sweet spot for the Thieves throughout the Major, and they reminded the Toronto Ultra when they closed out a nail-biting Hardpoint during the first map of the series. The lead changed between the two teams multiple times, but off the back of Kenny Kenny Williams three-piece, they could close it out 250-239. Both submachine players for L.A. walked away with over 30 kills to combine for 65 kills and 55 deaths.

From the team that could never win a Search and Destroy, the L.A. Thieves looked completely different against the Toronto Ultra during the second map on Berlin. Off the back of plays from the sub players and Sam Octane Larew, the Thieves were able to get the 6-0 flawless on the Search and Destroy to go up 2-0 in the series. Another Berlin map for Control continued to showcase how hot the L.A. Thieves were as they took the opening round and were able to hold the second to put themselves on match point. Dylan Envoy Hannon controlled Berlin on the third map, walking away with a 2.07 KD to finish out the 3-0 in the Control and the 3-0 in the series.

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