Long-standing Poppy bug leaves League players calling for changes

It's making Poppy mains frustrated.

Poppy mains have been asking Riot Games to fix one major bug in League of Legendsbut to no avail.

A player posted a demonstration of the Poppy bug on League’s subreddit on Dec. 19. Poppy’s ultimate, Keeper’s Verdict, should have a knock-up of at least one second, but the player proved when it’s not charged, it lasts for around 0.65 seconds.

In the clip, the player used the ability on a few champions, showcasing they were only knocked up for between 0.6 and 0.7 seconds. The player also pointed to the Patch 12.8 notes from April 27, which claim to have increased the duration of the CC from 0.75 seconds to one second.

Despite this bug seemingly being in the game since April, Riot has yet to fix the issue.

The player added that it takes exactly one second for Poppy’s Q to detonate to deal the second part of the damage. As a result of this, it’s virtually impossible to pull off a perfect Poppy combo in solo skirmishes.

The player apparently reported this issue to Riot a total of four times, but they still haven’t received a response.

On top of that, players have chimed in on the discussion in the comments, pointing out a number of other Poppy bugs. One of them claims the hitbox on her Keeper’s Verdict is “inconsistent,” and the bugs make it unfun to play the champion.

Poppy hasn’t received any changes since Patch 12.16, which nerfed her Hammer Shock (Q). It remains to be seen when Riot will address the bug and fix the champion.

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