Long-awaited Sivir update has finally killed one of LoL’s oldest memes

Time for a posture check.

After 13 years, one of League of Legends oldest champions finally received an update on April 25 that fans had memed on for yearsand its got nothing to do with her competitive kit. Sivir, it appears, has finally visited a chiropractor.

Many League players have mentioned Sivirs odd standing position in her original splash art, which was updated in April 2011, over the years. The main joke was simple: the Battle Mistress must have a broken spine because her art was so bent over. Some hoped new art would have been released with her expansive rework in June 2022.

But in League’s 13.9 PBE updatewhich will be coming to the live game version soonSivirs all patched up with a completely new base splash art.

Image via Riot Games

Now standing confidently upright, League players the world over rejoiced over the Battle Mistress new main splash art. Its not the first time Riot has updated a champions original splash art, with most of the early champions seeing updated art over the years. Recent updates to original art include Hecarim, Varus, and Kassadin.

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Her spine. It is healed. She is finally free, said one Reddit user, with many echoing their sentiment for Sivirs misshapen back in the old art.

Others were happy with the 2023 art change but lamented what they said was an apparent reduction in color vibrance. One player said the new art looked dull, dated, and generic.

Another League player suggested Sivir should also receive a full art and sustainability update (ASU) soon, sparking a discussion over Riots approach to these more in-depth design updates. Currently, Riot aims to complete two ASUs per calendar year, with Lee Sin and Teemo next in line for a fresh coat of paint.

Because these are normally given to champions with relevancy in the top tier, or with popularity across the game as a whole, however, Sivir fans may need to be content with the new splash art for now; her pick rate sits below 5 percent, with a sub-50 percent win rate at Platinum and above according to League stats site U.GG.

Either way, the Sivir update will land on live servers on May 3.

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