Long-awaited CDL ‘team-designed weapon blueprints’ are finally coming to MW2—but is it too late?

"It's a Vaz world."

Heading into the final Major of the 2023 Call of Duty League regular season, the CDL has officially introduced its “reloaded” lineup of team packs.

Slated to go on sale starting May 2, the new team packs perhaps look to build off of the momentum established by their predecessors released back in November. This time around, buyers of the new offerings will receive a weapon blueprint designed by the CDL teams themselves.

But considering the partnership between Infinity Ward and the league’s teams to cook up their own blueprint designs was seemingly first reported by Dexerto back in October, it seems there’s a larger question that potential buyers are asking: Why are these being released a month before the season ends?

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CDL general manager Daniel Tsay said on Twitter earlier today that feedback from the CoD esports community was paramount in putting this project together despite the awkward timing of it all.

“We heard the ask to deliver more customized team designs, so new this season, teams had the opportunity to create their own weapon blueprint in addition to the usual team bundle and they absolutely ran with it,” Tsay said. “Versus camos, you can get a lot more detailed with a blueprint design. The main worry being you choose these blueprints months in advance and hope they stay in meta. Good thing it’s a Vaz world.”

Image via Florida Mutineers

With each new reloaded CDL team pack, fans will receive a team weapon blueprint for the Vaznev-9K, a team bucket hat weapon charm, and several pro player signature weapon stickers. Unfortunately, with there being no offering for the TAQ-56, it does appear that assault rifle players will be sitting on the sidelines this time around.

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Ultimately, just as Tsay and the CDL have operated with the Major Four venue, the season start dates, and Ranked Play in recent weeks and months, the release of the new packs certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s another act of good faith for its pro players and fans.

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