London Spitfire player leaks new additions to team’s 2023 Overwatch League roster through scrim codes


The Overwatch League’s 2023 season unofficially begins in ten days when the West Region takes on select Overwatch Contenders teams in the Pro-Am Tournament. Various teams still have to announce new rosters and fans are getting antsy with a lack of communication and content.

Leaks of “scrim codes,” or replay codes of OWL scrimmages between teams, have been the savior of the late offseason by offering sneak peeks of new rosters and players. While these practice rounds won’t exactly dictate how well teams will do in the actual season, they offer a ton of entertainment when we need it the most.

Various OWL players, like Los Angeles Gladiators tank Danteh and Houston Outlaws support Viol2t, have accidentally leaked scrim codes on their streams over the past few weeks. London tank Hadi may have them all beat with his addition today, however.

On his stream, he showed several codes for scrims against the Vancouver Titans. The first, on King’s Row (code JJKVEX if you’d like to watch) isn’t too eye-opening, but the second on Hollywood may have revealed more than Spitfire management would have liked.

The Hollywood scrim (with code 29VKTR) shows DPS Denis “Lethal” Tari and support Robert “Skairipa” Lupsa playing with the London Spitifre. Both players have been unofficially rumored to be joining the team, but this leak all but confirms it.

Lethal last played for Redbirds Esports and Skairipa last played for the Vancouver Titans in the 2022 Overwatch League season.

While they didn’t make an appearance in the Spitifre’s Reinhardt-heavy composition on King’s Row, Lethal played an important part on the leaked Hollywood scrims, terrorizing Vancouver’s supports in the backline. Skairipa’s Zenyatta play was also impressive.

That said, remember that scrims are just a way for teams to throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks. We’ll get to see both the London Spitfire and Vancouver Titans throw down when the Pro-Am Tournament begins on March 23.

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