London Royal Ravens makes another roster swap after first week of 2023 CDL Major 2 qualifiers

PaulEhx will be ending his competitive break early.

Trei Zer0 Morris has been removed from the London Royal Ravens’ starting roster, he revealed on stream last night. 

London is going back to the drawing board after starting the 2023 Call of Duty League Major Two qualifiers with losses to the Toronto Ultra and Minnesota RØKKR this past weekend. After the holiday break, the team swapped out Paul PaulEhx Avila for Matthew Skrapz Marshall. Despite the roster change, the Ravens continued to struggle, leading to this second change of 2023. On stream, Zer0 announced that PaulEhx will be returning to London’s starting roster while the veteran will be competing in Challengers for the time being. 

Paul will be taking my spot, Zer0 said. Paul will be filling in for me and tomorrow I will be scrimming and streaming and Ill be using a sub, so pull up to see that. I will be playing Challengers with Xotic, Jintroid, and Darksived for the time being.

The trio of Xotic, Jintroid, and Darksived was who Skrapz had been teaming with before being brought up to the starting roster for London. It seems that the Call of Duty League team and the Challengers team will be swapping players for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, PaulEhx will be teaming with Skrapz, who he had gotten into it with on Twitter before it was announced he would be leaving the roster. 

London will only have a short time to regain before the second weekend of qualifiers to prepare for their upcoming matches. They will face the Los Angeles Thieves, who are also 0-2, and the Vegas Legion, who came out hot and started with a 3-2 win against the Seattle Surge. Neither team will be easy to beat, which could put London in a bad spot ahead of Major Two in Boston next month.

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