London Royal Ravens bounce New York Subliners from Call of Duty League Major 3

The Pro Am champions struggled.

The London Royal Ravens have sent the New York Subliners home early at the Call of Duty League’s third Major. 

Despite dominating the Pro-Am Classic after the mid-season break, the Subliners were unable to find success once the CDL regular season resumed. The team went 3-2 during the online qualifiers before losing an intense game five, round 11 against the Seattle Surge on the first day of the tournament. Now, they are the first team to be sent home after losing to the Royal Ravens. 

London were in the driver’s seat throughout the majority of the tournament and started out hot on the Berlin Hardpoint. There was nothing that the Subliners could do to stop the bleeding as the Ravens broke in and held almost every hill throughout the map. Additionally, the Subliners were outslayed at every turn with each of the London Royal Ravens dropping at least a 1.05 KD.

The Bocage Search and Destroy came down to another round 11 that went the way of London after some unfortunate timing on the side of the Subliners. Despite Ian Crimsix Porter dropping a 2.0 KD the Subliners were unable to finish things out in the last round and took a 5-6 loss. Down 2-0 in the series, New York brought things back on the Gavatu Control, which only took a little over six minutes to complete as NYSL won 3-0.

Tuscan Hardpoint closed out the series and even saw the Subliners begin to bring the game back in their favor toward the end. But with Crimsix dropping a 0.66 K/D and London’s Marcus “Afro” Reid having his best map of the series, things didnt work out for New York; they lost the Hardpoint 250-192.

New York will exit the tournament without a win, while the Royal Ravens await the winner of the Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. OpTic Texas match.

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